Chicago State University’s (CSU) Accredited World’s First and Only Master’s Certificate in Agile Management (MCAM).

Each of the five required courses are certified/accredited by the following ISOs:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 17024:2012
  • ISO 21001:2018
  • ISO 26315:2018

This $1,000 fee is for the registration into the Master’s Certificate in Agile Management (MCAM) program.

Participants are required to register (and pay fee – currently $1,599 per course) for each of the following five courses that are mandatory to earn Master’s Certificate in Agile Management:

1. Certified Agile Coach (CAC)
2. Certified Agile Facilitator (CAF)
3. Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (CEAC)
4. Certified Agile Transformation Coach (CATC)
5. Certified DevOps Transformation Coach (CDTC)

There are no pre-requisites or sequencing requirements to attend any of these five courses. You have one year (from date of registration) to complete all five training courses. These courses may be taken in any order. The Master’s Certificate program is very flexible and adaptable to suit participants’ timing, schedule, and budget. Additionally, courses can be taken individually – one does not have to commit to the entire Master’s Certificate program’s completion.

Currently, discounted fees are offered for these classes; the fee for each class is $1,599. Payment plans and installments are available.

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